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Celebrating Maryanne’s Healing Journey

Originally written By Elvis Lemaiyan on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at https://cure.org/2019/03/celebrating-maryannes-healing-journey/ Maryanne is cheeky, adorable, welcoming, happy, and all of those sweet things you can’t help but notice every time you see her. Maryanne is seven years old and has a limb deformity that developed after she turned two. Her legs mysteriously began bending awkwardly around…

God sustains CURE Kenya

Her God sustains her

Originally written By Naphtali Foster on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at https://cure.org/2018/02/her-god-sustains-her/ “I’ve had a long journey. Since he was two years up until now,” said Brenda, Nivan’s mom. Nivan is seven and has spent a lot of time in hospitals. He was casted and given a tenotomy to treat his clubfoot as a baby. He had…

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