About the Hospital Clinics


A.I.C CURE International Hospital  OPD Department is staffed from 8am-5pm to meet your orthopaedic needs with special attention to children with correctable orthopedic disabilities. The consultants are equipped to address all orthopedic disorders and they are available when needed. Patients are seen every day from Monday to Friday though we have Tuesday for sports and wheelchair clinic, Wednesday for general clinic for both new and revisits and Friday for spine clinic. Consultation fee for general patients is KES 500 and all the other services charges add up after the patient is attended to. The department aims to improve quality and efficiency of care offered to all the patients. Consultation fee for the Private patients is KES 2500. Other charges for investigations are explained as they are ordered.

Mobile clinics are currently located across 23 counties which are evenly distributed across the country. The mobile clinics open from 8AM up to 3PM and consultation for children (under 18 years) is FREE  while adults (over 18 years) is KES 1000.