About the Hospital Clinics

A.I.C CURE International Hospital  O.P.D Department is staffed from 8 am-5 pm to meet your orthopedic needs with special attention to children with correctable orthopedic disabilities. Children are seen every day from Monday to Friday with no consultation fees charged. To better align with our identity, CURE provides orthopedic services to children only.

Mondays: Clubfoot clinics

Tuesdays: Rehabilitation clinics

Wednesdays: General clinics

Thursdays: Rehabilitation clinics

Fridays: Spine clinics

Our clinics are closed on public holidays and weekends.

 To help us serve you best and improve the quality and efficiency of care offered to all patients, we encourage you to call us for booking appointments ahead of your visit.

Mobile clinics are currently located across 23 counties which are evenly distributed across the country. The mobile clinics are open from 8 AM up to 3 PM with free consultation for children (under 18 years).