This cute little miss is called Denzel Precious. She is five years old and is Evelyne’s firstborn child. At around the age of one year, Precious was already learning how to walk and move around on her own. This brought so much joy to her mum. But her joy was soon taken away by the realization that her sweet little daughter had a problem with her legs. Evelyne noticed that as Precious was walking, her knees were rubbing against each other.

Since precious had just taken her first few steps, Evelyne did not allow this to bother her too much. She decided to let Precious grow a bit and observed her while at it. One year later, Precious’ condition had not improved. In fact, it was getting worse. Evelyne took her small girl to a hospital in an attempt to find out what was wrong. Unfortunately, they did not have enough money to start the treatment process. Evelyne decided to stop there.

As Precious continued to grow, Evelyne met some people who knew about CURE Kenya. She was referred and asked to bring her daughter to a mobile clinic close to their home. The doctor who saw them told Evelyne that her daughter would need surgery to treat her deformity. She was shocked because, obviously, she didn’t have the money. Precious needs this surgery to live a healthy normal life, and she is counting on you to help her raise the money she needs for her surgery.