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Meet Joan! She is nine years old and is the fourth born in a family of six children. When she was little and learning to walk, the mother noticed that one of her legs was different. Her left leg seemed curved around the knee area. Benta, Joan’s mum, did not think this was any cause for alarm. She thought Joan would outgrow it eventually.

The condition got worse gradually as Joan grew older. Her left leg was bowing around the knee. But due to financial constraints, the mum was not able to take her to the hospital to get any form of intervention. One day, one of Joan’s teachers at school noticed something different about her legs. The teacher called Joan to take a closer look and realized that she would need medical intervention. The teacher, who had seen CURE Kenya on social media before, knew exactly where to refer Joan’s mum to. They were given information about a CURE Kenya mobile clinic and asked to come be seen by the doctors.

Benta, who sells fish and vegetables for a living, got some money, and they were able to come to the mobile clinic in Kisumu. They were seen by a doctor who suggested that Joan would need surgery to correct the bowing of her left leg. We pray that this surgery will help Joan to have a normal life as people will not see her as different anymore.