Ability Walk 2023

Ability Walk 2023 is the brainchild of A.I.C CURE International Children’s Hospital and Malaika Disability Foundation founded by gospel musician Daddy Owen. The walk to be held in in March of 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya aims to raise funds for several physically disabled children identified across the country so that they can undergo corrective care at CURE. We therefore rally Kenyans of goodwill to partner with us in this noble calling of bringing a new lease of life to these children whose average cost of surgery average Kshs. 150,000/= which covers pre, on and post surgical care and or devices that will be required. For support details please call +254720044923 or email [email protected] or alternatively you use bank payment 

Account Name: AIC CURE International Hospital.

Bank: ABC

Branch: Libra

Account Number: 007200001000525

"Odhis" - Migori County

Our meeting with “Odhis” as he indicated he loved to be called, was a chance meeting. There were many odds that stood against us, but somehow, after 21 years of living with a disability, God charted a way and we finally met. He was diagnosed with clubfeet, a condition he grew up with since he was born. 


Kipyegon is a 10 year old boy,  the 1st born of 3, with a brother and a sister who are healthy. Kipyegon on the other hand is living with the clubfoot condition. It started when he was three years old when he was taken to the normal routine clinic. He was given an injection to try and treat his ailment at that time.

Angwenyi - Kisii County

Angwenyi is not new to hospitals; his five years of life have so far been characterized by more trips to different medical facilities than his parents can keep tabs on. He was born with bilateral clubfoot and spina bifida, a condition characterized by an immaturely formed spinal cord. Thankfully, within days of his birth, his parents had been referred to a hospital where a procedure to close his chord was performed.

Akeyo - Kisumu County

Meet Akeyo! She is nine years old and is the fourth born in a family of six children. When she was little and learning to walk, the mother noticed that one of her legs was different. Her left leg seemed curved around the knee area. Benta, Akeyo’s mum, did not think this was any cause for alarm. She thought Akeyo would outgrow it eventually.

Akinyi - Kisumu County

Akinyi is a fourteen-year-old girl who is the eighth and last-born daughter of Jackton. She was born normal, but at the age of two years, when she started walking, the father saw something that unsettled him. His daughter’s legs had started bowing around the knees. It is something that happened very gradually and it got worse as Akinyi grew older

Precious - Kisumu County

This cute little miss is called Precious. She is five years old and is Evelyne’s firstborn child. At around the age of one year, Precious was already learning how to walk and move around on her own. This brought so much joy to her mum. But her joy was soon taken away by the realization that her sweet little daughter had a problem with her legs. Evelyne noticed that as Precious was walking, her knees were rubbing against each other.

Bovin - Homabay County

Bovin is a 17 year old young man from the fishing county of Homabay. He has been living with his elder brother since their parents died when he was just 2 years old.


“I desire to see a healed child who will get an education and be someone great in future.” Stanley’s mom says.

At 2 years old, Stanley’s left  knee started curving inside. This caused him to walk slower and even stumble when trying to run. Being a 6th child of 7, the condition went unnoticed until he was 4 years old.


Lucy was born with clubfoot and in her 18 years, she has never received or gone to hospital for any treatment. Lucy has gone through her primary and secondary education while living with the condition. It has denied her the joy of putting on any kind of shoes. Her self esteem has also gone down because of the same.