Month: January 2018

Gibson has spina bifida and hydrocephalus. He can’t walk and has very limited limb function and yet he still helps take care of his baby brother. This one time he had come for follow-up clinic, which sometimes has long queues, and so he was helping his mother hold his sleeping brother.

Why Won’t You Help?

I am not in a position to help, I don’t have any extras. It’s not my responsibility. How can I help when I also need help? How will others look at me when they see me do it? I’m not in a position to help today, maybe another day. I will give when I have…

New Eyes

New Eyes

“Now therefore stand still and see this great thing that the Lord will do before your eyes.” 1 Samuel 12:16 Recently, CURE received a visit from some students and staff from an international school in Nairobi. This group was really interested in our work with Smile Train, an organization that helps provide free cleft lip…

Mary Faith

Mary Faith

Mary Faith. Even her name is beautiful and significant. Mary was the one and only lady that God chose to bring his Son into the world. And Faith is what all Christians must have. Whether this little one, Mary Faith, knows it or not, she is a testament to God’s plan for our lives. Mary…

Shanice and her mother at a mobile clinic

From Regret to Joy

When you work at a place where you meet about 20 new faces every week, after a while, you begin to see a lot of familiar faces on follow-up clinics. Nyeri is one of our new mobile clinics, and because of this, it’s not so busy and there are just a few familiar faces coming…

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